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Purging, Packing Selling & Storing

As they say a journey of 1,000 miles begins with just 1 step.  So is it with making the move from the home you raised your family into your new empty nest home.  


Here is a short video to help you get started


Low vs No
Do What You Want
No More Chores
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It seems like you have spent half of your life, mowing, weeding, trimming, leaf raking leaves, shoveling snow, painting etc. 

Downsizing does not mean you must give up all of that, but you should be aware of some options that can eliminate most if not all of these efforts. 

In your Home search consider the following.

Beware: Whoa to the HOA

Financing Your New Home
The Home You Want
How to Pay For It
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The best advice is to review options with a lender before you begin the search for a new home.  Just a few of the options typically available are as follows:

The Path to Purchase may Vary

What the Heck is HECUM

Selling Made Simpler

Let me help with both the Selling your existing home and the purchase of your new home.  Not only will I work diligently to help you find a buyer, but my experience as a builder will offer you great insight into seeing and evaluating the builder of your new home


Plus you can save $$$

With our “List for Less” program we will list your existing home for 4% instead fo the typical 6-7%

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