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Low vs No Maintenance

It seems like you have spent half of your life, mowing, weeding, trimming, leaf raking leaves, shoveling snow, painting etc. 

Downsizing might mean you can give up all of that, but maybe you still want control over some of these tasks. Maybe maintaining a garden is a must, but mowing or snow removal is for the birds. When planning a move be aware of the options that can eliminate some or perhaps all of these efforts. 

  • Use a Lawn Care Service
  • Hire Snow Removal
  • Demand no maintenance exterior items on your new home
  • Buy in a low or no maintenance community ( Some even have areas for personal gardens )

One of the most important aspects of any move is to make sure you understand clearly what the rules and regulations of either the Deed Restrictions and/or the Home Owner’s Association (HOA) will mean to your “quiet enjoyment” of your new home. The other concern is what is the cost. While the convenience of having may of the services provided by the HOA paid for in one monthly check, you may find the hiring lawn care and snow removal can be a lot less costly. Furthermore by selecting Low or No Maintenance items for your home you may incur slightly hire costs initially, but have years of saving the cost of this work.

Whoa to the HOA

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