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According to Sam Giffin,  director of data operation at Gordian, Despite the fact there have been some signs of softening, don’t expect material costs to continue falling.  For example they expect concrete material to decrease 1% to 2% through 2025, but wood, plastics, plaster, gypsum and thermal protection products will average up to 6.5% increase over the same period.

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Spotlight on Lumber

While lumber thankfully has fallen from it’s lofty heights it will remain high and is still subject to the effects of weather, supply change issues, and demand

Where have all the people gone?

One of the significant factors impacting cost will also be the ongoing age and scarcity of construction labor. This is an industry wide, national issue that is being addressed on many fronts, including The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) through their work with state and local home builders associations. Efforts include career and technical education support. 

An Aging Work Force

As fewer young people chose to join the trades, and many people have left, the remaining workforce gets older and older.

One local bright spot is the opportunity for training at the Ohio Construction Academy (OCA).   OCA is a tuition free high school providing real world training in the construction trades.

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