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Can you trust your partner?

The game is more competitive than ever and you need to rely on your partners to come out a winner. Buying a home isn’t a game, but with higher costs, higher rates and fewer options you need to make sure you have partners you can count on.

Who should you select as your partners?

  • A Reputable Builder who has shown the ability to weather difficult times.
  • A strong lender who understands new construction and has programs designed for New Builds
  • A knowledgeable and experienced Realtor who can guide you through the process

Strong Local Builders

A Local lender you can trust

Third Federal is a perfect partner, Based in Cleveland (technically still local), in select markets, they offer a Construction/Permanent Loan that is  a loan granted directly to an individual who has executed a contract with a builder to construct a home. This type of loan automatically converts to a Third Federal Permanent Loan without additional costs or review. 

At most banks, preapprovals are just a guess, or what the bank thinks you will qualify for based on the going interest rate and your stated income. Not at Third Federal. Their preapprovals are fully underwritten, so when they say you’re “preapproved” for a loan, you’re approved; end of story. Plus with Third Federal’s Early Preapproval, you can lock in our guaranteed lowest rate right at preapproval.

Again, most lenders won’t allow customers to lock their rate this early. But at Third Federal they lock the rate right at preapproval so you don’t have to worry about rates going up!

A Realtor with the knowledge to guide you.

To help you evaluate a builder and to help guide you in developing a home that truly meets your needs and wishes why not look to someone that has built homes.

During the course of my professional career I have been responsible for the design, budgeting, sales, and construction of over 2,500 single family homes. Put that experience to work for you today.

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