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Fixr Bath Study

I saw a A 2023 Report on Trends in Bathroom Remodels from Fixr, and while directed towards someone considering a Bath Remodel, the reports provides some insights into what you may look for in your new home.  To prepare the report, Alex Graham surveyed 62 of the top industry designers asking what they believe would be the most popular features, designs, and materials will be in the upcoming year.  So here is what the Pro’s think.

There are many hot bathroom designs that are getting a lot of popularity and attention as we enter 2023. Wood-look and natural materials are the top choice according to 50% of experts surveyed. Natural materials are key to many other popular things including popular styles like Japandi and Wabi-sabi, which were also mentioned by 19% and 16% of experts respectively. Natural materials can include stone, wood, and metals of many different textures, colors, and styles. They tend to have a lot of appeal because they also have natural variation that can make them unique

47% of experts also think that backlit mirrors will be a popular trend in 2023. A backlit mirror gives off light around its perimeter, which can provide a little more ambient and task lighting to the room. Most backlit mirrors are also anti-fog and many can come with other features like magnifiers as well, which can increase their function.

What they Found

What are the biggest trends?

Wood-look and natural materials take the lead, while Patterned or Textured tile make up 3 of the top 4 trends.

What is on the way out?

Topping the list by a wide margin for items going out of style are glass block and “Hollywood Style Lighting

Where is the money being spent?

The majority of experts expect the shower and the vanity to be the area most people spend heir upgrade dollars.

Most Builders today are offering many options for your bath and of course if selecting a custom builder the possibilities are endless. Good Luck and get that bath you want. Make your own trend.

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