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What did you Expect?

In a recent survey of over 60,000 people, asking what was most important to them in their search for a new home, not surprisingly three elements were overwhelmingly selected by nearly everyone.  Location, Home Design, and Price.

Of course these answers were not a surprise to anyone, but the more interesting answers from the survey what other elements were important and on many peoples list of “Must Haves” or at the least “Want”

  • Indoor-Outdoor Living
  • Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Custom Built-ins
  • Well Designed Kitchens
  • Smart-Home Technology
  • Accessibility
  • More Storage
  • Plan for pets
  • Multi-Generational Plans

No matter what is on your list, let me help begin your search for your new home in the right Location, with the best Design, at competitive Price, and all of the elements you want and must have.

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